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NetCrostics Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating around a NetCrostics puzzle is easy. Simply use the up, down, left and right arrows to move the cursor around the puzzle (in either the top or bottom sections). To move from the top section to the bottom section, simply press the 'Tab' key.

Need solving help?
On the menu in the top section of the puzzle, you have two choices "Check" or "Reveal". Each of those choices then lets you choose between the current letter or the whole puzzle. If you choose to "Check" a single letter, it will tell you whether the letter your cursor is sitting on is correct or incorrect. If you choose to "Check" the whole puzzle, you will be told how many correct letters you have entered, how many incorrect letters you have entered, and how many total letters have been entered (and how many are in the puzzle). If you choose "Reveal", the sub-choice will then either reveal the current letter or the whole puzzle.

In Process
Also on the menu is the "In Process" section. This allows you to save the current puzzle you are working on to your hard drive. You can then subsequently open it back up later to finish it. IMPORTANT NOTE: To finish an "In Process" puzzle, you must first navigate to the puzzle you were working on (so write down its title!). Once you are on that puzzle, you can "Open" the saved puzzle. If you try to open a saved puzzle while in another puzzle, you will be told you are on the wrong puzzle (so again write down its title -- or name the puzzle the title of the puzzle!)

Cell phone version
On the list of each solver's puzzles is a choice to "Cell phone version". This is simply the puzzle as you play it on the computer, except without the frames. Certain cell phones cannot use frames and therefore we need to make it this way. Also some cell phones (iPhones) do not have JavaScript built into their browser. JavaScript is necessary for the system to work. It just is not an option.

Printing puzzles
There are two ways to print out puzzles. One if to choose "Print Puzzle" from the solvers list of puzzles, and the other is to choose to print the puzzle from the menu. On the solver list version, you can only print out a blank puzzle. On the menu version, you can choose to print the puzzle as far as it has been solved, with the filled in letters printing in both areas of the puzzle. When the "Print Puzzle" choice is taken, it will automatically fire your Print Dialog box.

Problems printing puzzles
Printer doesn't print the "black spaces":
If you are planning to print any of our puzzles, you will need to turn on the printing of background colors (to print the “black spaces”).
  • In Internet Explorer, you can do this by going to the Tools + Options menu, and on the Advanced tab, where it says Printing, select Print background colors and images.
  • If you are using Firefox or Netscape, go to File + Page Setup and select Print Background (colors and images).
  • In Opera, go to File + Print Options and select Print Page Background.
  • In Safari for Macintosh, the option to switch on printing of background colors and images is on the Print dialog.
  • Safari for Windows currently does not appear to support the printing of background colors and images at all.
  • Google Chrome also currently does not appear to support the printing of background colors and images at all.
Other Problems?
Please contact us via the Contact Form and we will be more than happy to help you.